We have the knowledge and capabilities to help you when undertaking acceptance and installing new or overhauled equipment.

We have no geographical limitations and can conduct our services either in the factory or on-site.

Our experience and expertise will help detect any discrepancies with the equipment and ensure that all contractual specifications are met.

We will provide you with peace of mind that your equipment will meet all standards and specifications and enter active operations as intended.

Rigtech Independent were employed to conduct a Factory Acceptance Test of BOP control unit in Louisiana, which was destined for a UK North Sea fixed production platform.

Rigtech have been responsible for a number of newbuild rig commissioning projects. We have undertaken acceptance of numerous rigs from Deepwater installations to highly mobile land rigs.

Examples include:

  • Representing TOTAL in the acceptance of the 6th. Generation Semi submersible ‘West Phoenix’ in Korea.
  • Project Management Consultants to NDC in Abu Dhabi for newbuild rigs out of China.
  • Representing CAToil Drilling in the newbuild of 12 land rigs in the USA.