Project Details

In 2018, TAQA engaged Rigtech’s services to conduct a comprehensive pre-purchase due diligence survey of land rigs situated in Kuwait and Oman. Rig 871 and Rig 155 were inspected in Kuwait, while Rig 151 and Rig 843 underwent thorough assessments in Oman. These rigs, all owned by Weatherford, were thoroughly evaluated by Rigtech’s teams of two experienced surveyors deployed to each location. The primary objective was to ascertain the condition and suitability of the rigs for TAQA’s operations.

In 2019, TAQA once again entrusted Rigtech with conducting a similar survey for a wider range of land rigs. This time, our surveyors thoroughly evaluated the condition of rigs 219, 265, 279, 291, and 296 in Oman, as well as rigs 215, 223, and 260 in Pakistan, which are owned by Schlumberger. Additionally, rigs 201, 202, 305, and 306 in Oman, owned by Abraj, were included in the assessment.
Rigtech’s comprehensive evaluations provided TAQA with valuable insights into the rigs’s safety performance, considering factors such as Lost Time Incidents (LTI) and Non-Productive Time (NPT),
as well as the overall condition of the camp, workshops, spare parts, and rig equipment.

The survey encompassed a thorough evaluation of several critical components, including:

  • Rig’s technical specifications and the status of all relevant certifications
  • Mast and substructure
  • Drill string and handling equipment
  • Mud system
  • Well control equipment
  • Power generation and auxiliary systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Camp facilities
  • Safety
  • Preventive maintenance system
  • Warehouse management and stock

Rigtech’s comprehensive surveys offer our esteemed clients like TAQA the assurance and confidence they need to make informed decisions when it comes to their rig investments. Our commitment to delivering meticulous evaluations and detailed reports sets us apart as a trusted partner in the industry.