Project Details

In 2004, Canadian Natural Resources (CNR) purchased the Tiffany platform from ENI and Rigtech Independent Ltd. was commissioned to undertake a pre-purchase due diligence audit if the drilling facilities.

As there was no drilling contractor appointed, Rigtech was commissioned to reactivate the platform drilling facilities. All the major equipment was recertified, all the drilling systems were inspected and brought into operation and it was ensured the unit met CNR’s obligations towards legal compliance and QHSE requirements.

Once a drilling contractor was appointed, Rigtech handed over the drilling facilities to the contractor (KCAD).

The success of that reactivation led to a further twelve year permanent relationship with CNR.

  • All CNR units were audited to establish a baseline of condition and operability.
  • Rigtech devised and implemented a monitoring programme of auditing.
  • The management of deficiencies had been poor and the Rigtech monitoring programme was able to more efficiently record, prioritise and track the status of each installation.
  • The monitoring programme was able to trend year on year improvements in performance.

Other functions performed by Rigtech included but were not limited to such issues as:

  • Ensuring Regulatory compliance at all times.
  • Monitoring of the drilling contractor performance.
  • Defining repair and maintenance strategies.
  • Preparing repair and maintenance budgets.
  • Evaluating Well control systems.
  • Auditing materials handling and storage facilities.
  • The repair of skidding equipment.
  • The replacement of Ex switchboards.
  • The evaluation of ageing assets with a view to life extension.